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Famous Faces of Alzheimer’s

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This video brings home the toll of Alzheimer’s, which makes no exceptions for politicians, musicians, writers, athletes, or actors.

I would like to add another name to this list: my father, Fred Brown, who contended with dementia for over twenty years with dignity and courage, and whom I miss every day.


How Long Do You Want to Live?

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age75Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has kick-started a discussion about how long we should live, and how to prevent medical interventions that extend life without quality. In a provocative article in the  October edition of Read More…

Brace Yourselves! Medicare Open Enrollment is Here

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8225598402_a410c23539_m Each year, Medicare beneficiaries have a short window of time to select new coverage. This year Open Enrollment Season starts on October 15, and closes on December 7.

Given the incredible complexity of the Medicare rules, known to Read More…

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