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Sleep Well: Easier Said than Done

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3375174389_dd55974659_mResearchers studying Alzheimer’s think that sufficient sleep is crucial for the consolidation of information we learn over the course our waking hours. That is why so many recommend a good night’s sleep as Read More…

The Brain Health Initiative

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ACL Logo RGBThe Administration for Community Living is launching a campaign to educate Americans about aging, brain health, and resources for those dealing with dementia. It will be introduced by a series of public service announcements featuring Marcia Gay Harden, Read More…

Tapping into the Potential of Television

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8416674320_e653709d42_mMost people living with progressive dementia gradually lose interest in many of the activities that they used to enjoy. The withdrawal can leave the person isolated with empty time during the day, offering neither  engagement Read More…

Prevagen: Buyer Beware!

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health-621353_640Have you seen Prevagen being advertised during nightly news programs? The ads claim that Prevagen has been clinically shown to improve memory and support healthy brain function, leading to a sharper mind and clearer thinking. All this can be Read More…

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