Meaningful Engagement

A resident with memory loss is still able to play a meaningful role in the life of the cottage

White Oak Cottages assisted living model encourages Residents to participate with the daily tasks in the household to help them maintain a sense of purpose and a normal daily rhythm. Residents may set the table, tend to the garden, sweep the walk, or help bake dessert. Their engagement gives them a role and makes them a part of a home.

One on one, small group and entire community events are part of the day

The Activities Coordinator works directly with the Residents and other staff to plan the day. The goal is to provide the Residents with experiences that are consistent with their interests and that support the Residents’ remaining abilities. A variety of one on one, small group and large group activities are offered to engage Residents in a format that is right for them. Occasional field trips are planned to keep the Residents in touch with the larger community.

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